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Call to Action: FY21 Budget Presents Challenges

The President’s delivery of his HUD budget request to Congress on February 10 marks the start of the FY21 appropriations season. The President has requested a damaging 15% overall cut to HUD for FY21. HUD’s Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program, however, is unscathed. For Section 202, the President is seeking: 

  1. $100 million for new Section 202 homes.
  2. Full funding for Project Rental Assistance Contract and Service Coordinator renewals.
  3. An extension of the about-to-end Integrated Wellness in Supportive Housing (IWISH) demonstration.
  4. More room in the Rental Assistance Demonstration to accommodate the kinds of aging in community services we support.

LeadingAge priorities for FY21 includes $600 million for new Section 202 homes;

full renewal funding for Service Coordinators plus $75 million for Service Coordinators in communities currently without them; and a 2-year IWISH extension.

LeadingAge Ohio members are encouraged to visit the LeadingAge website in order to easily connect with individuals in Congress and to sign on to a letter urging HUD’s appropriations to be strengthened.

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