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Antigen testing updates and advice for use of BD machines

Antigen testing updates and advice for use of BD machines

LeadingAge has learned of several of its members who have experienced false positive test results using the BD machine. Colleagues at Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) are hearing similar reports – seven so far. The total number heard to date is still in the single digits, but is still cause for deep concern, since positive results often precipitate a move to a COVID-19 dedicated unit, where an uninfected person would be at higher risk of infection. LeadingAge is working with Assistant Secretary for Health, Admiral Brett P. Giroir's office and they are deeply concerned and focused on addressing this terrible problem. If you have experienced false positive results with BD machines, please email Kathryn Brod at

Advice for use of BD machines.

It’s important for members who have BD machines:

LeadingAge is arranging, hopefully by next week, a BD-led demonstration and live question and answer session for nursing home members who have received a BD machine. 

LeadingAge will record the session for members who miss it or want to review it. BD is also running its own webinar series, more information here.

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