Identifying the right book to open up the lines of communication is only the first step. Part of the amazing gift Pam left behind with this program is to create hands on activities associated with the books to "bring the books to life" and reinforce the lesson of each book. The partnership of reading the book, along with doing arts and crafts that mirror the lesson of the book helps to create a tangible reminder for the child of what that book teaches. 

Children learn best through tangible reminders of what they are taught. 

Below you will see some of the tools associated with the Bobby's Books Program. Each binder covers a different approach to learning. Volume 1 uses hands-on activities to reinforce the book's lesson(s). Volume 2 uses a more conversational approach which is great with use in workshops, support groups, and grief camps. Click on the link below to order your resources now!

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Bobby's Books Lesson Plan Bundle Binder - Volume 1
This resource is a hands-on way to begin learning about children's grief and how to use books as a way to open up the lines of communication between adult and child. The lesson plans for the 20 books cover the array of losses a child might experience, such as loss of self-esteem, loss due to divorce/separation, loss due to illness/death of a pet, friend or family member. Each lesson plan helps to bring the book to life through hands-on arts and crafts activities, play therapy, music therapy, etc.

Contents include:

  • Using Books to Help Kids Cope
  • Tips for Reading to Children
  • "The Definition of Courage" -excerpt from John Kasich's book, Courage is Contagious
  • Book List - Twenty "favorites"
  • Lesson Plans from Top 20 
  • Suggested Props/Activities
  • Questions/Quotes about death/loss
  • Helpful Websites
  • Workshop Information
  • Supplies

Bobby's Books Curriculum Guide - Volume 2
A team of literary professionals in Central Ohio known as The Literacy Connection was asked to expand the original collection, recommending books, and then writing additional guidelines for using the selected books with children. They searched for books that were particularly appropriate for reading aloud because they found that heartfelt, intimate conversations about sensitive topics most often evolve from a read-aloud experience. They tried to find books that showed a broad range of emotions, situations and cultures.

Once the final book list was determined, the group wrote suggested guidelines for adults who might wish to use the books to explore issues of grief and loss as part of the regular curriculum. The goal in these guidelines was to integrate these issues throughout the curriculum. We believe grief and loss should be presented as a natural part of life, within the context of stories that focus on a variety of themes and ideas. This will provide children with a foundation for working through a difficult situation if they are ever faced with one. 

Contents include:

  • A Letter to the Teacher/Parent
  • Some thoughts to consider
  • Contributors to Bobby's Books
  • Feelings of Grief/Loss
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Losing a Pet
  • Losing a Friend
  • Losing a Relative


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