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Bobby's Books was created and developed by Pam Krenzke. Pam was a mother, a friend, a trainer, a volunteer, a grant writer and an educator. Pam devoted much of her time to Bobby's Books, a support program made up of literary resources. It was the loss of Pam's two sons, Bobby and Eric, due to a genetic disorder that fueled her compassion and her fire to improve one's journey at the end of life. She was determined to make certain that parents, educators, caregivers of children would have a resource to help children deal with their loss and grief, a tool that she did not have available to her when Bobby and Eric were dying. 

Bobby Krenzke loved words, ideas, laughing and learning. He was born on August 6, 1985 and died on May 16, 1995. Bobby's Books was created in his memory and to fulfill his wish to make a difference in the world. Bobby's Books helps children and families cope with change, loss and grief. Not only did Pam lose both her boys at very young ages, but two years after Eric passed away, her husband, Lind, died of a heart attack.  Then in January 2006, Pam passed away.  Since Pam's death in 2006, Bobby's Books has come under the direction of the Midwest Center for Home, Hospice & Palliative Care Education. It is our intent to honor Pam's family and her legacy by continuing to nurture and grow this special program.  Through so much tragedy, has come so much hope and promise.  Their legacy will live on.

Pam was a firm believer in the power of sharing your personal gifts with others around you. She lived this philosophy each day of her own life and it was this belief that shaped the Bobby's Books Program to empower people to want to make a positive change in the lives of their children. As parents, you strive each day of your life to find a way to help your children become sharing, caring adults, but if you do not give them the tools to know how to believe in themselves, then it becomes a much more difficult process to achieve. Pam's insight to develop lesson plans associated with children's books gives adults the ability to allow the book to guide them through some of life's most difficult journeys.

Keep reading......keep talking....keep healing!


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Bobby's Books is an exceptional, developmentally appropriate resource to help children, from the very young to the adolescent, learn how to grow positively through grief and loss.

Beth White, MSN
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
St. Vincent Mercy Children's Hospital
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