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10-Year-Old Brain Cancer Survivor Ivory Dakota Isaac Comes to NYC for Ladybug Celebration Week January 24-February 1

Carole Amber and Ivory Dakota Isaac   

New York, NY – January 2014 –As part of Ladybug Celebration Week (an international celebration of critically ill children), Author Carole Amber is celebrating one heroic ladybug, Ivory Dakota Isaac, by organizing her to her first trip to New York City!

Ivory is a 10-year-old brain cancer survivor who has a special relationship with Carole Amber and her children’s picture book The Gift of the Ladybug.

Ivory and Carole first met at an event in 2012 for critically ill children (shown above). At this point Ivory had endured over 50 surgeries and had not been able to climb stairs for four months. Upon reading The Gift of the Ladybug at this event, Ivory climbed the stairs of the playground slide three times with help from her mom, and a fourth time by herself claiming “It’s my time to fly mommy!” Ivory loved the book so much that she slept with it that night.

Two years later, Ivory is cancer-free! In celebration of Ivory and her heroic journey, Carole is organizing a trip for her and her mom to NYC from January 24-29 (Ivory has always wanted to go to NYC). Ivory would love to appear on television with Carole.

For Ladybug Celebration Week, Carole will also be going on a five-city tour to donate copies of The Gift of the Ladybug to children in hospitals. For children that she cannot meet personally, she is offering a FREE Kindle version of her book that week. One free download = one critically ill child celebrated (we think of them as ladybugs). Sponsorship opportunities are available.

#1 Amazon Mover & Shaker on its release day, The Gift of the Ladybug has been selected to be part of Bobby's Books (one of 250 children's books in the U.S. selected to help children cope) and one of the first "bibliotherapy" books to publish in Asia (2014). The Gift of the Ladybug is much more than an illustrated children’s book. It is a way of being, an example of how to live, and widely used by hospitals, schools, therapists, and parents as a healing tool.

Carole was inspired to write this story during one of her darkest moments. She was driving home from the Cleveland Clinic after hearing the doctor say, “Your son TJ may not see his second birthday.” In the days following that car ride, Carole put pen to paper and wrote The Gift of the Ladybug for her son TJ. She gave it to him for Christmas and was able to read it to him countless times. TJ peacefully passed away in April 2009 at fourteen months old due to complications from Leigh syndrome.

Inspired by TJ’s remarkable way of living, the character Polkadot (the ladybug) teaches his parents that he is perfect exactly as he is. The book saved Carole and her family when they needed it most, and it helped them reframe how they looked at their circumstances. It reminded them that if TJ could face his fate with joy, laughter, love, and peace, then they could find a way to do the same.

Their wise little ladybug gave a glimpse of what it is like to fly. Carole's hope is that because The Gift of the Ladybug was so instrumental for her and her family, it will help others, too. Learn more at:

"I am very excited for Ladybug Celebration Week," expresses Carole, "This will be a special week filled with inspiration and spreading ladybug love to those who need it most."  

About Author Carole Amber

Carole Amber is on a mission to celebrate ladybugs (children with medical differences) and their families across the globe. After turning the death of her 14-month old son into the bestselling book The Gift of the Ladybug, she has donated over 250 books to children with critical illnesses, thousands of dollars to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF), and continues to donate 30% book profits to UMDF. Carole is sought-after speaker and has appeared on radio shows including LA Talk RadioDresser After Dark, and Colorado's Morning News. She is also an entrepreneur, food editor, columnist, and host of her food blog She and her husband currently live in New York City.

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