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Columbus Quilters Guild offers “Opportunity” to support Bobby’s Books


A quilter’s guild out of Columbus, Ohio known as the Quintessential Quilters has chosen Bobby’s Books as its charity to support in 2013.  Each year the Quintessential Quilters work together to create an “opportunity” quilt and raffle tickets are sold for the “opportunity” to support a worthy charitable organization in the state.

Various charities compete for the chance to be the charity chosen to support each year.  Bobby’s Books is honored to be chosen.  “ We are very excited to be the charity chosen this year, “ says Bobby’s Books Project Manager Jennifer Taylor.  “ The opportunity quilt fits right in with one of the pieces of our program known as Comfort Care Packages.  Comfort Care Packages are the combination of a blanket and a book given to a child in a hospice or palliative care program, whether they are the patient themselves or a family member of a patient.  The packages help provide comfort on their sad days, warmth on their lonely days and hope that tomorrow will be better.”

Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the summer months with the final drawing taking place in October.  Tickets will be sold for $1 each or a book of 6 for $5.  If you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets for the quilt, please contact Jennifer Taylor at 614.545.9028 or via email at  

Click here to see a picture of the 2013 opportunity quilt designed by the Quintessential Quilters.


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