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The Legacy of Love Lives On

Betsy and Jennifer at Dublin Literacy Conference

On Saturday, February 23, over 300 teachers from across the state of Ohio gathered at the 2013 Dublin Literacy Conference held at Dublin Coffman High School.  What made this year’s conference so special is that one of the presentations included MCA’s own Bobby’s Books Project Manager, Jennifer Taylor, and the daughter of Bobby’s Books Founder, Pam Krenzke.  Pam's daughter, Betsy Rechel, is now a junior in high school and has dealt with more loss and change in her young life than many of us will endure in a lifetime.  What makes this young lady so special is her sense of wonder and awe in the gifts she has been given in life in lieu of focusing on the losses. 

The two collaborated to present the “Don’t Flush the Goldfish- Using Books to Build a Child’s Coping Skills” presentation.  This was the 1st time Betsy had been part of the education surrounding Bobby’s Books.  During the training, a brief video is shown of an interview the now Governor Kasich had done with Pam and her husband, Lind to describe the loss their family endured and what they did to give back to the community with Bobby’s Books.  In the video, Betsy is under 3 years old and this was the 1st time Betsy had seen the video herself.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when participants realized the little girl they saw was none other than the young lady now presenting to them.  “This is special stuff.  It was amazing!” Betsy says of the day. 

Rechel and Taylor also participated in the vendor area of the conference to share the books, training, and Comfort Care Packages that are part of the Bobby’s Books Program.  Betsy and some of her high school friends had made blankets during the Christmas break to donate to the program to be made into the Comfort Care Packages.  Betsy shared with one of the conference attendees the importance of the Comfort Care Packages and reading the book with your child to offer comfort on a bad day. 

Betsy and friend make blankets for Bobbys Books

“I have always felt this program is a legacy of love,” Jennifer Taylor says, “and now the legacy lives on.”  

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