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Helping Kids Cope with Loss

Childhood is a wonderful time.  A child embraces the joy of each day.  Sometimes though, sadness, fear, illness and loss enter a child's life.  If you know a child who had to make such a journey, would you know how to help?

One way is to use children's books to help them deal with difficult issues.  Using literature as a springboard for conversations will give children the chance to express their feelings and tell their own stories. 

It is also important that children have access to a variety of books that show a broad range of emotions and feelings.  This helps kids see that they can act independently, assume responsibility for their actions, tolerate frustration, approach new challenges with enthusiasm, and be proud of their accomplishments. 

The following recommendations are a part of Bobby's Books:

  • Use books that help children feel good about themselves.
  • Use a book and conversation to help a child deal with a change in routine or the death of a pet
  • Use everyday happenings to build a child's coping skills
  • Keep reading....keep talking!

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