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The Greatest Gift

Happy Birthday Pam Krenzke!

Pam and Betsy

There is a saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson that goes, “The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.”  Each of us strives every day to find purpose and meaning in what we do.  One of the greatest teachers I ever had, I never actually met in person, but she inspires me to continue to give back and make life a little easier for those around me.  Her name was Pam Krenzke. 

Pam was a mother, a friend, a volunteer, an educator, a care-giver, a daughter, a sister, a wife…a survivor.  Pam devoted much of her time to Bobby’s Books, a support program she created made up of literary resources.  It was the loss of Pam’s two sons, Bobby and Eric, due to a genetic disorder that fueled her compassion and her fire to improve one’s journey through life.   She was determined to make certain that parents, educators, caregivers of children would have a resource to help children deal with their loss and grief, a tool that she did not have available to her when Bobby and Eric were dying. 

Pam was a firm believer in the power of sharing your personal gifts with others around you.  She lived this philosophy each day of her own life and it was this belief that shaped the Bobby’s Books Program to empower people to want to make a positive change in the lives of children. 

Today, September 26, 2012 Pam Krenzke would have been 53 years old.  Her spirit and her legacy live on. Take a moment today to honor her life and her legacy.  Read a book…make a difference!

Happy Birthday Pam!  We miss you!

To learn more about Bobby’s Books or to make a donation in Pam’s honor and help us continue her legacy, visit

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